Performance & Purpose: How to Deliver Results and Unlock Your Agency’s Potential

Session 5—Performance & Purpose: How to Deliver Results and Unlock Your Agency’s Potential


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(Originally aired Feb. 29, 2012 )

The Blueprint Series presented by HubSpot is an interactive five-part webinar event built for agency leaders and freelance professionals who are looking to transform and thrive in the coming age of marketing services. Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars. Read 15 customer reviews.


Session 5 Highlights and Details

Marketing agencies must take action to survive and thrive in the new ecosystem. They have to make difficult choices to break from traditional agency-centric pricing models, invest in technology, recruit and retain hybrid professionals, build scalable infrastructures and transform their services.

Leading firms turn information into intelligence, and intelligence into action. They build campaigns that consistently produce measurable outcomes, including inbound links, website traffic, leads, and sales. They staff account teams with A players who are analytical, confident, creative, detail oriented, highly motivated, and strategic — all traits that consistently translate into success for your clients — and they achieve strength and stability through retention and growth of core accounts.

Most importantly, model agencies are built to pursue purpose.

The final session in The Blueprint Series will concentrate on ideas and methods to unlock your agency’s potential, and help your employees realize theirs. You’ll learn how to:

  • Create deeper, more personal relationships with clients.
  • Develop internal client advocates who ask the difficult questions, challenge campaign strategies, push for improved results, and critically evaluate the agency’s value and contributions.
  • Install systems designed to encourage creativity, accelerate innovation and push professionals to realize and embrace their potential.
  • Maximize ROI for clients.
  • Assemble a team of talented and intrinsically motivated employees, build partnerships with like-minded organizations, and surround your agency with clients who value your professionals and services.
  • Unplug to improve efficiency and productivity.
  • Experiment with service offerings and pricing.
  • Spend less time planning, and more time doing.
  • Make it safe for employees to fail.
  • Discover your agency’s purpose.