Marketing Services Evolve. Is Your Agency Up for the Challenge?

Are your agency’s services keeping step with industry trends and client expectations?

Buying habits of consumers are much different in today’s always-on, digital society than they were in the past. More often, people turn to their mobile devices, social networks and search engines when evaluating and selecting products and services. As a result, tried-and-true marketing strategies and tactics (such as direct mailers and TV advertisements) are giving way to more innovative online and multichannel approaches.

Pair this shift in buying behavior with an influx of new technologies that help marketers do their jobs better, and marketing takes on a whole new meaning. For example, instead of blasting your message out en masse, technology lets you get extremely targeted and personalized in your outreach, and then tie activities directly to sales.

So, what does this all mean for agencies? To stay relevant and competitive, agency services and processes must evolve to align with market trends and to capitalize on emerging technologies. Those agencies that will rise to the top will:

  • Offer hybrid services that meld traditional and digital strategies.
  • Measure performance through in-depth data analysis, connecting activities to the bottom line.
  • Help bridge the gap between marketing and sales.

The Service Shift

EarthquakeUnfortunately, many agencies have failed to evolve services and staffing to match the rate of change required. You don’t have to be one of them.

Wondering where the service market is heading? Get started with the resources below. Then, consider how your services match up.

Where Do You See the Market Heading?

  • How is your agency adjusting services to better align with technology advances and changes in consumer behavior?
  • What services do you see imperative in the future, and which will fall by the wayside?

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